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Craft ideas for young train and subway fans
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MBTA Halloween Costumes
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Coolest Boston T Stations for Kids
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Tips for Riding the MBTA With Kids
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Everything you Need to Know About Riding the MBTA in Boston with Kids
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Top Things to Do With Kids on the MBTA Blue Line
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MBTA Facts for Kids
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Key Public Transit Skills To Teach Kids
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The History of the T
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For Autistic Boys, the Subway Is Actually Soothing, by John Leland
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Kids and the T, by Sage Stossel
"For many Boston-area children, the T is all at once a beloved amusement ride, a marvel of engineering, a civics lesson, and a shared social reference." (The Boston Globe)

Browse MBTA Toy Trains
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Sidetrack Products is another local business featuring MBTA-related products for kids.

Browse NYC Toy Subway Trains
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Design your own T Map.
homemade T map
Make up your own stops, or include real ones. Add your home, your school, your friend's, house. Use red, green, orange, blue, purple and silver crayons, or make up your own T-line colors. A grownup can help with writing the stop names.

Print out a copy of the MBTA map, and have fun plotting out routes for how you would get to different places.

Get a one-day T pass ($11.00) and go on an adventure. Or get a 7-day pass ($22.50) and make it a multi-day adventure.
Tip: For kids who would enjoy a traditional train ride, the commuter rail from Back Bay to South Station is free.
Another tip: You can hit a transit-fan trifecta by getting to the airport by subway and bus, and then watching the planes take off.

Visit the MBTA Gifts store on Mass ave in Cambridge near Porter Square (1735 Massachusetts Avenue), where you can find vintage MBTA signs, T-themed clothes, toys, coasters, mugs, magnets, books, and more about the T.

Visit the Bay State Model Railroad Museum in Roslindale, generally open Wednesday evenings, select weekends, and by reservation.

Visit the train exhibit at the Wenham Museum, featuring 10 operating model layouts—in G, O, HO, N, and Z gauges—with 21 trains that operate with the push of a button. Railroad artifacts, memorabilia, large-scale models and antique toy trains are also on display. You can tour the exhibit virtually via this link.

Watch a YouTube video that teaches kids the alphabet using NYC subway trains.

Watch a YouTube video that teaches kids numbers using NYC subway trains.

Hear the song Charlie on the MTA, set to photos of the T.

Watch YouTube videos of the MBTA Red Line, green line, orange line, and blue line. (Many more can be found via Google search).

Try coloring in some of the scenes from T-Ride. In the book, these pages are in full color, but the versions here are black and white so you can print and color them however you like:—

The Red Line | The Green Line | The Orange Line | Longfellow Bridge | The Blue Line | The E Line
the red line